Sunday, January 31, 2010

Barcodes Scainng Just Around The Corner

Revision3 posted an interesting video recently. It's called:
Barcode Scanner for Android App Downloads - AppJudgment
and it's all about getting barcode scanners for your phone. Now, you gotta have the right phone to do this, but the advantages are awesome. Let's say you're out shopping and want to find a little more information about a product, just scan the barcode,or QR code, use the application and you can find information all over the web. Compare prices, research details and more. Who would have thought that barcode scanning could be so much fun.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lisa Nova more than just your typical Welebrity!

Lisa Donovan aka Lisa Nova is on the rise again, with her latest video "Boom Cock"(Adlult topic) reaching You Tube's daily top 40 list. Lisa is no stranger to You Tube success, she began her You Tube career with a bang, when she made the video "Lisa Nova Takes The Bus". Lisa is one of only a few, to make the transition from internet to satellite and cable TV, with her character appearances on Mad TV. Also, worth noting was her July, 2007 collaboration video "Lisa Nova Does You Tube", which challenged the use of spam bots, for friending You Tube users. Lisa is a friend and You Tube collaborator to Johnny Reubonic, who made the music video "Word of Mouth", which features illustrations of Lisa's Zappin production company. Good Luck with You Tube and beyond Lisa Nova.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Barefoot Versus The Running Shoe

When was the last time you ran barefoot? Harvard's Daniel Lieberman attests in the latest video "The Barefoot Professor: by nature video" by naturechannelvideo; that running with shoes may be doing harm to the body. Apparently, shoe clad runners land heel first creating a jarring sensation, which the professor believes leads to problems associated with repititve injuries. The obvious question the pops to mind is "what about cuts bruises and other more direct injuries?". Perhaps, a new kind of foot apparel can be developed that incorporates the professors research while addressing these issues. Is there a barefoot marathon in your future?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

7 year old's bikathon charity goes viral

itnnews has posted a video of a 7 year old who raised over 100,000 pounds for a UNICEF Haitian relief fund. The boy apparently posted a bicycle sponsorship event to an internet site and the donations began pouring in. The lesson learned, if you haven't received your 15 seconds of fame, then try doing something nice. Good luck to this 7 year old cyclist, and if you want to see the video on you tube it's called "seven-year-old raises over 100,000 for Haiti"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Honda Makes Life With Robots Possible

Honda may be best known for making small cars, but the company is also known for it's research and development into robots. Honda's latest video released on the company's You Tube channel, shows the company is preparing a consumer friendly robot. The company's efforts have gone beyond the logistics of creating a robot and are now focused on creating robots that people will not fear. Their latest creation is a biped robot that does not feauture recognizable facial characteristics precisely, because their research shows those features are turn offs. Instead the company is making their robots smaller and less intimidating. Honda's Asimo robot may be an indication of the company's attempt to create robots for the everyday consumer. Could their be an Asimo robot in your future?

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Latest Conspiracy-Children of The Sun

As if there were not enough Conspiracy Theories already, the latest may be out of this world larger than the Earth itself. This one involves the appearance of mysterious spheres orbiting the sun. According to You Tube user critiquekat, NASA recently released photos of the sun, which indicate the presence of what would be planet size satellites orbiting very near to the sun. According to critiquekat NASA has responded to his observations citing technical difficulties originating from the software used in creating the images. In any case these photos are bound to set the world abuzz with new conspiracy theories, and in the first 5 days since uploading, critiquekat's video has already drawn the attention of 50,000 viewers.