Friday, January 29, 2010

Lisa Nova more than just your typical Welebrity!

Lisa Donovan aka Lisa Nova is on the rise again, with her latest video "Boom Cock"(Adlult topic) reaching You Tube's daily top 40 list. Lisa is no stranger to You Tube success, she began her You Tube career with a bang, when she made the video "Lisa Nova Takes The Bus". Lisa is one of only a few, to make the transition from internet to satellite and cable TV, with her character appearances on Mad TV. Also, worth noting was her July, 2007 collaboration video "Lisa Nova Does You Tube", which challenged the use of spam bots, for friending You Tube users. Lisa is a friend and You Tube collaborator to Johnny Reubonic, who made the music video "Word of Mouth", which features illustrations of Lisa's Zappin production company. Good Luck with You Tube and beyond Lisa Nova.

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